Mobile Security and Patrols

Our property is most vulnerable to risks at night time, especially during holidays and weekends. Therefore, mobile patrols are essential to ensure an all round protection to your venue or property at all times. 

Service Overview

AM Secure Group can provide you with patrolling services tailored to your needs specifically and we ensure that the guards we send for doing mobile patrols are fully inducted and briefed about all the security and safety procedures in order to maintain efficiency while keeping an all round watch at all your valuables. Therefore, the added peace of mind. 

AM Secure group’s aim for mobile patrol is keeping the client as the focus point in order to make the service highly customisable, efficient as well as proactive at the same time. We pride ourselves as our people know exactly what to do at what point of time which helps us mitigate risky situations even before they occur. 

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We don’t limit our security services in terms of events, AM Secure Group can bring together an effective crowd control plan for reassuring that safety and the order of the event is maintained. Want to host a successful event that would be remembered for ages to come? Well, then why take chances? Contact AM Secure Group today to discuss any of your upcoming events!